Charming Wire Charm Bracelets

When Joan screamed the classic “No wire hangers!”, for some reason we don’t think she was complaining about wire charm bracelets.  We actually think Mommie Dearest would have adored these lightweight and airy bangles just as much as we do.

Why WIRE?  Our new devotion to WIRE CHARM BRACELETS lies in the name itself…they are literally CHARMING.

WIRE CHARM BRACELETS are cleverly adjustable, so those extra 4 pounds you put on over the holidays won’t bother your wrist…WHAT?  You don’t gain wrist weight?  Of course you don’t, but when you feel like wearing your wire bracelet snug and tight, go for it.

What’s not to love about the charms we dangle from wire bracelets?  After all, that dreamy guy in the fairy tale isn’t named Prince Unfriendly.

Charms worn throughout the ages to ward off evil spirits or bad luck, may or may not have worked, but we’re wearing them today to MAKE IT WORK.  Each charm we choose has a story to tell about ourselves…our favorite subject.

A feather charm represents freedom and courage, or maybe just a cute way to tickle your fancy. Bet you know hearts symbolize love and cross charms signify faith, but did you know that a horseshoe charm only brings good fortune (so they say) if it has seven essential holes in it?

Inspirational or significant, CHARMS can reveal our individual passions OR…they can simply be a fashionable accessory for whatever we’re wearing. They can be meaningful.  They can be fun.  They can be flirty.  They can be expressive.  As a matter of fact, that sounds a lot like us!

Shopping List:
Truly Blessed Mixed Cross Charm Wire Bracelet – Gold or Silver
Be Brave Mixed Charm Wire Bracelet – Silver or Gold
Love Arrows Mixed Charm Wire Bracelet – Silver or Gold
English Horse Charms Wire Bracelet
Horse and Horseshoe Wire Charm Bracelet


Tribal & Turquoise Jewelry


Visit our Tribal and Turquoise category and find arrows, feathers, dreamcatchers, and tassels all combined with turquoise stones to create the trendy hippy-gypsy look everyone is styling this season.

Shopping List:
Love Arrows Mixed Charm Wire Bracelet – Silver or Gold
Arrow and Tassel Metal Beaded Bracelet – Patina or Silver
Arrow Cuff Bracelet – Silver or Patina
Handcrafted Arrow and Cross Necklace – Silver or Brass
Feather Tassel Earrings –
Turquoise Pearl or Copper
Wooden Beads and Tassel with Cross – White or Brown
Truly Blessed Mixed Cross Charm Wire Bracelet – Gold or Silver
Art Drop Earrings – Three Tone or Silver
Contoured Feather with Black or Turquoise Center
Turquoise Center Feather Earrings – Patina or Silver
Extra Long Rosary Style Tassel
– Turquoise or Natural
Arrow Chain with Turquoise – Silver or Gold
Long Tassel Earring with Disk and Turquoise Beads – Natural or Black
Sandlewood Bead Necklace with Turquoise and Taupe Tassel
Be Brave Feather and Arrow Mixed Charm Necklace – Silver or Gold
Feather Engraved Cuff Bracelet – Silver, Brass or Patina
Pearl Necklace with Turquoise and Tan Tassel
Denver Tassel Earrings with Oval Bead – Turquoise or White

Tassels, Tassels, Everywhere


Don’t quite know how they guess weight at the carnival (ouch) but we bet one word can help to guess your generation…TASSELS!

If at first you visualize a cap and gown, while humming “Pomp and Circumstance”, congratulations teens and twenty-somethings.  The world is yours, now get out there and do something!

If instead you imagine a buxom burlesque queen, Grandpa, you’re on the wrong web page!  Dita Von Teese may have made them stage-worthy once again, but those twirling tassels aren’t the accessories that WE’RE dreaming of.

We love today’s haute couture and boho chic TASSELS, swaying down every runway in flirty motion…after all, tassels move!  Nothing rigid, nothing stiff in a tassel.  They swing, they flow, wherever you go.

Faux hippies and gypsies in tassels take over Coachella each year, transforming it into a Festival of Fringe.  Guess who else loves her tassels?   Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been rocking a pair of tassled riding boots for over a decade.  That’s tassel devotion.  From the gatherings at Burning Man to Buckingham Palace, TASSELS are everywhere.

Whether dangling (literally!) from necks or wrists or ears or all three, TASSEL jewelry is a trend we love to watch and wear. Shop our TASSEL category today.

Shopping List:
Pearl Necklace with Turquoise and Two-Tone Tan Tassel
Sandlewood Bead Necklace with Turquoise and Taupe Tassel
Extra Long Rosary Style Tassel – Turquoise or Natural
Wooden Beads and Tassel with Cross – White or Brown

Crosses at


Styles come and go, industries change, cities expand and technology takes more and more if our time each day. No matter the changing tide, one thing seems to be steady, FAITH, and consequently, the cross. has been bringing versatile cross jewelry to the fashion jewelry market for years, and they are always a customer favorite. Visit our Cross Category and find a cross for everyone, you will be blessed you did.

Shopping List:
Center Image : Stackable Cross Charm Bracelet  
Seed Bead Necklaces – silver or copper
Truly Blessed Wire Charm Bracelets
Turquoise Cross with Rhinestone Frame Necklace Set
Handcrafted Arrow and Cross Necklaces
Small Cross Cluster Earrings
Antiqued Black Cross Necklace with Turquoise Center
Horizontal Cross Multi-Bracelet with Beads – black or turquoise
Wooden Beads and Tassel with Cross
Love Cluster Necklace Set
Small Cross Cluster Necklace
Wrapping “Hope, Faith, Love” and Rhinestones Bracelet
Truly Blessed Mixed Cross Charm Necklace
Hammered Horizontal Cross Necklace and Earring Set – patina, silver or copper
Hammered Cross Necklace
Colorful Uptown Cross Beaded Bracelets
Multi-Strand Turquoise Cross Necklace and Earring Set
Black, Silver and Gold Cross Earrings
Hope and Faith Cross Charm Cluster Necklace and Earring Set

Equine Jewelry aka HORSES!


Wyo-Horse Jewelry featured on is known for it’s consistent equestrian jewelry designs. Our horse themes necklace, earring and bracelet pieces have been setting the standards in quality and style for over twelve years. Please visit our Equine category to find horse featured jewelry for the horse lover in your life, guaranteed to be classic.

Center Image: Beaded Horse Tag Toggle Bracelet
(Clockwise starting in the upper left corner)

Snaffle Wire Bracelet
Double Western Bracelet
Gold and Silver Swirling Horse Earrings
3 Running Horses on Leatherette Cord
Running Horse Bracelet With Clear Rhinestone Horses
Firey Horse Earrings
Live Love Ride Horse Bracelet
Rhinestone Horseshoe Necklace – 12 colors
English Horse Charms and Wire Style Bracelet
Silver Bit on Black Band Bracelet
Horse Charm Necklace
Rhinestone Horseshoe Earrings – 12 colors
Hand Crafted Horse & Horseshoe Stamped Stretch Bracelet
Horse Charms and Wire Style Bracelet
Horseshoe Seal on Circle Pendant Necklace
Stamped Horsehead Necklace with Turq and Pearl Beads
Three Tone Running Horse Bracelet
Silver Horse Head & Horseshoe Earrings


Silver and Turquoise Jewelry – Always Classic

Silver and Turq Jewelry - Always Classic

Silver and turquoise jewelry is a tradition unique to Navajo culture. The craft of silver-smithing combined with the native North American turquoise gemstone has developed into a legacy of gorgeous indigenous jewelry. In an effort to meet tourist demands, the Native Navajo started expanding beyond their traditional designs. Today trends drive fashion and turquoise stones and colors are combined with silver in many different ways, still capturing the grace and classic style of the Navajo aesthetic. combines silver and turquoise in many fashion jewelry pieces, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Stunning designs capture the classic silver and turquoise look at affordable prices – perpetuating the tradition.

Shop today at, always FREE shipping.

Copper & Patina Jewelry Styles at


We see copper and patina jewelry everywhere and we love it! Patina finish enhances the colors associated with aged copper metal and gives a dynamic look to copper jewelry. Antiqued styles combined with tribal themes, arrows, dream-catchers, and geometric patterns, to complete this trend for a stylish modern look. Wyo-Horse Jewelry offers necklaces, earrings and bracelets that highlight this hot copper patina trend and display every woman’s beauty.

Shop today at, fashion jewelry with an equestrian edge, and always FREE shipping.