Charming Wire Charm Bracelets

When Joan screamed the classic “No wire hangers!”, for some reason we don’t think she was complaining about wire charm bracelets.  We actually think Mommie Dearest would have adored these lightweight and airy bangles just as much as we do.

Why WIRE?  Our new devotion to WIRE CHARM BRACELETS lies in the name itself…they are literally CHARMING.

WIRE CHARM BRACELETS are cleverly adjustable, so those extra 4 pounds you put on over the holidays won’t bother your wrist…WHAT?  You don’t gain wrist weight?  Of course you don’t, but when you feel like wearing your wire bracelet snug and tight, go for it.

What’s not to love about the charms we dangle from wire bracelets?  After all, that dreamy guy in the fairy tale isn’t named Prince Unfriendly.

Charms worn throughout the ages to ward off evil spirits or bad luck, may or may not have worked, but we’re wearing them today to MAKE IT WORK.  Each charm we choose has a story to tell about ourselves…our favorite subject.

A feather charm represents freedom and courage, or maybe just a cute way to tickle your fancy. Bet you know hearts symbolize love and cross charms signify faith, but did you know that a horseshoe charm only brings good fortune (so they say) if it has seven essential holes in it?

Inspirational or significant, CHARMS can reveal our individual passions OR…they can simply be a fashionable accessory for whatever we’re wearing. They can be meaningful.  They can be fun.  They can be flirty.  They can be expressive.  As a matter of fact, that sounds a lot like us!

Shopping List:
Truly Blessed Mixed Cross Charm Wire Bracelet – Gold or Silver
Be Brave Mixed Charm Wire Bracelet – Silver or Gold
Love Arrows Mixed Charm Wire Bracelet – Silver or Gold
English Horse Charms Wire Bracelet
Horse and Horseshoe Wire Charm Bracelet


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