Crosses at


Styles come and go, industries change, cities expand and technology takes more and more if our time each day. No matter the changing tide, one thing seems to be steady, FAITH, and consequently, the cross. has been bringing versatile cross jewelry to the fashion jewelry market for years, and they are always a customer favorite. Visit our Cross Category and find a cross for everyone, you will be blessed you did.

Shopping List:
Center Image : Stackable Cross Charm Bracelet  
Seed Bead Necklaces – silver or copper
Truly Blessed Wire Charm Bracelets
Turquoise Cross with Rhinestone Frame Necklace Set
Handcrafted Arrow and Cross Necklaces
Small Cross Cluster Earrings
Antiqued Black Cross Necklace with Turquoise Center
Horizontal Cross Multi-Bracelet with Beads – black or turquoise
Wooden Beads and Tassel with Cross
Love Cluster Necklace Set
Small Cross Cluster Necklace
Wrapping “Hope, Faith, Love” and Rhinestones Bracelet
Truly Blessed Mixed Cross Charm Necklace
Hammered Horizontal Cross Necklace and Earring Set – patina, silver or copper
Hammered Cross Necklace
Colorful Uptown Cross Beaded Bracelets
Multi-Strand Turquoise Cross Necklace and Earring Set
Black, Silver and Gold Cross Earrings
Hope and Faith Cross Charm Cluster Necklace and Earring Set


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