Dress Up or Down

Dress Up or Down



That beginning-to-fray tee-shirt you just can’t bear to part with because you wore it the first time you met your special someone?  The ball cap you turned backwards for luck the day your team won the World Series?  You can’t let go…because these are the BASICS that make up the chapters of your life…and those chapters become the book that is YOU and your PERSONAL STYLE.

One of the prized perks of being a girl is cherishing the wardrobe and jewelry BASICS that define ALL the chapters of our lives.  These are the accessories and clothing that have helped us survive some tough times and celebrate the very best times…the trimmings we don’t know what we’d do without!

We’ll never argue with you that FADS are FUN.  Who didn’t dig a mood ring or that puka shell necklace? If you have time, go find yours right now. We’ll wait…waiting…no luck?  That’s the difference between BASICS and fads.  You may have donated your trendy “jewelry” or lost it without shedding a tear, but your BASICS are still there in your jewelry box…these are the constant accessories you’ve worn so often..with love and confidence.

You’ll wear your BASIC jewelry wardrobe for years and years to come. We’ll give you permission to splurge every now and then on a skull and crossbones spiked choker (REALLY?), but if life is a book, those type of trends are only a single sentence long.

Wyostyle’s well-balanced BASICS take you from weddings to job interviews and everything in between. Classic necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are the accessories you’ll wear while living the best chapters of your life!

Shopping List: (clockwise from top left)
Wrapped Drop Earrings – Two-Tone, Silver and Copper

Zia Burst Necklaces – Silver and Patina
Edged Hoops – Silver, Brass and Copper
Eden Cuff– Silver, Copper and Patina
Long Gemstone Bead Necklace – Natural and Turquoise
Multi Strand Textured Bead Necklace Set – Silver, Two-Tone and Copper


When Cleopatra wore them, she ruled an empire or two.

When Coco Chanel wore them, she ruled the world of fashion.

When Wonder Woman wore them, she deflected every single bullet and defeated every single baddie.

CUFFS!  Ancient, iconic, powerful, not to mention, beautiful.  Big and bold or slim and delicate, CUFFS always make a strong statement.  No messy clasps, no toggles, no hooks, and definitely no need to turn to anyone for assistance…that zipper on the back of your cutest black dress cries out for help but CUFFS say, “I can handle this myself”.

Seriously, would Daenerys Targaryen ask for a hand putting on a bracelet?  Don’t want this “Game of Thrones” reference to HANDCUFF you, but you get the idea.  For thousands of years CUFFS have been powerhouse accents…in fiction as well as our reality.

You don’t have to be a warrior or a royal to wear CUFFS.  Wear them alone or stack them high.  Choose a CUFF with intricate scrolling or metallic feathers…even a wrap-around arrow to show the world your courage and strength in the prettiest way.

Speaking strictly OFF the CUFF, may we suggest you go solo or double with a CUFF on the left with a matching one on the right?  You’ll transform your look with a flick of the wrist…see what we did there?  CUFFS!

Shopping List: (clockwise from top left)
Thin Feather Cuff – patina or silver
Arrow Cuff Bracelets –  brass, patina, or silver
Beautiful Basic Wrap Cuff 
– brass, copper, or silver
Silver “Faith, Hope, Love” Hook Bracelet
Silver Horseshoe Hook Bracelet
Silver Cross Hook Bracelet
Snaffle Bit Wire Bracelet

Feather Engraved Cuff Bracelets patina, silver, or brass
Thin Eden Cuff Bracelets
copper, patina, or silver